Around Town

Fun Activities For Your Family Around Town


After working all week, your kids still want you to have fun with them. It is your duty as a parent to come up with fun things for you guys to do. I only have one child, and it ends up costing me a lot of money to entertain him. I can only imagine how parents with several kids do it. Please share with me where you take your kids for fun filled activities?File_000 (4)
  • On sunny days?
  • On rainy days?
  • Winter?
  • Spring?
  • Summer?
  • Fall?
  • School Days?
  • Weekends?
  • Summer Vacation?
  • Play Dates?
  • Birthday Parties?
  • Family gatherings?


I would like to put a list together of all the great places to take your kids to be able to share with all the great mothers out there. Please email me your special “kid friendly places”.

-Thank You


Please visit Chicago Southland’s Website for great ideas.